The Ants of Africa
SUBFAMILY APOMYRMINAE Baroni Urbani, Bolton & Ward, 1992

This was raised to the status of Subfamily by Baroni Urbani, Bolton & Ward (1992) but is both monogeneric and monotypic. Earlier, Bolton (1990c) had defined a new Tribe Apomyrmini within the subfamily Leptanillinae.

Genus Apomyrma Brown, Gotwald & Lévieux, 1971: 259

Diagnostic Features - Overall slender, parallel-sided appearance. Mandibles linear to triangular, inserted at margins of the head. Labrum with peg-like teeth. Frontal lobes absent; antennal sockets fully exposed in front view. Clypeus and frons not fused into a broad shelf nor projecting over the mandibles, which close against the anterior clypeal margin. Eyes absent. Antennae 12-segmented. Promesonotal suture present. Petiole separated from the postpetiole by a deep vertical constriction. Entire body shining and smooth, colour ferruginous-yellow, appendages lighter (Brown, Gotwald & Lévieux, 1971: 259; Bolton, 1990c).

Brown, Gotwald & Lévieux's (1971) description is on {original description}.

Monotypic - single species Apomyrma stygia

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