The Ants of Africa


Preface - with explanatory notes.

Acknowledgement of the support and provision of facilities for this website; also, the contributors of specimens and information.

Frontispiece and Summary - a Quick Tour of the Ants of Nigerian Cocoa, with links to the main text.

The Many Faces of West African Ants - a selection of the many genera of ants, with links to the main text.

Taxonomic Name Indices - to find species names, modern and historic, and coded "forms" listed in modern literature; also quick access to currently recognised genera.


List of Maps, Illustrations, Figures and Tables.

Ancillary collections of ants from North Africa, Egypt, the Middle East and The Maldives - Miscellaneous ants.

Ants from Iran.

This is supplemented by my catalogues of Temnothorax and Lepisiota from the western Palaearctic.

The Taylor guide to "Ants of the Nigerian Forest Zone", published by the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, 1976-1980, with an update as at January 2009.

New, developed and enhanced Keys developed for this website.

Taxonomic changes and additions to previously described species first recorded on this website.

New genera and species recorded on this website - fully updated as at 8 February 2010.


Chapter 1 - Fascinating Ants

Chapter 2 - Geography & History

Chapter 3 - Mosaics

Chapter 4 - Economic Importance of Ants

Chapter 5 - Biodiversity and Niches

Chapter 6 - Taxonomy



Subfamily Aenictinae - Genus Aenictus - 35 species; 14 with workers described; 21 species known only from the males; a new key to workers is provided. Descriptions are available for all. Illustrations are given in the form of drawings for 11 of the workers and (genitalia) for 17 of the males, and, photographs for 32 species.

Subfamily Aenictogitoninae - Genus Aenictogiton - With new key, males only known, seven species. Descriptions of all are available with drawings for five species and photographs of all.

Subfamily Amblyoponinae - introduction and key for separation of genera.

Subfamily Apomyrminae - Genus Apomyrma - monotypic, with description, drawing and photograph.

Subfamily Cerapachyinae - introduction and separation of genera.

Subfamily Dolichoderinae - introduction and separation of genera.

Subfamily Dorylinae - Genus Dorylus - introduction and key to subgenera, plus four subsections:

Subfamily Formicinae - with key to genera.

Subfamily Leptanillinae - Genus Leptanilla - three species, with descriptions, photographs and drawings of all.

Subfamily Myrmicinae - with illustrated key to 40 genera.

Note 1 - Fernandez (2004) has synonymized Afroxyidris, Oligomyrmex and Paedalgus in the genus Carebara

Note 2 - Baroni Urbani & de Andrade (2007) have reverted Bolton's (1999) revival of Pyramica by synonymizing it and all the genera synonymized by Bolton under Pyramica under the prior genus Strumigenys. The synonymy also included Quadristruma [which I missed as under Pyramica according to Bolton (1999)]. To those, like myself, trying to identify species, this produces yet another over-large genus and, so, for simpler use of keys, I retain all the Bolton (1995) genera as subgenera under Strumigenys.

Subfamily Ponerinae - with illustrated key to genera

Subfamily Proceratiinae - new status as subfamily from Bolton (2003); with an introduction page, including a new key to separate the three genera known from Africa.

Subfamily Pseudomyrmecinae -


I have sought to include all relevant references and have followed the listing of Bolton (1995) for references in his catalogue (including the suffix letters, e.g. 1901c).

The references have been subdivided as follows:-

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