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Genus Baracidris Bolton (1981b: 252)

In Tribe STENAMMINI (?) (Bolton, 1995).

Diagnostic Features - Antennae 12-segmented with a distinct two-segmented club, no scrobes. Eyes minute. Palp formula 2,2. Frontal lobes closely approximated, with the median portion of the clypeus reduced to a very narrow strip and raised centrally in the form of a narrow longitudinal ridge. Mandibles sub-triangular, with 4-6 teeth. Metapleural lobes large and prominent, connected to the propodeal spines by broad conspicuous lamellae.

Recognised as a new genus by Bolton (1981b, illustrated), with two species. Bolton's genus description is at {original description}.

A third species, pilosa was described by Fernández (2003) in a paper on Adelomyrmex that is unavailable on HNS. Kindly, he has sent me the following text -

Baracidris Bolton Figs. 69, 70, 77
Baracidris Bolton, 1981: 252 (worker). Type species: Baracidris meketra Bolton (by original designation).

The genus Baracidris includes three small species (one undescribed) which are litter inhabitants in Central and Western Africa. Although the genus is easily isolated from the other African myrmicines, this is a more difficult task regarding the World fauna. The combination of characters (median portion of the clypeus as narrow fringe, antennae 12 segmented with club 2 segmented, reduced palps, metapleural lobes larger than in Adelomyrmex, petiole and postpetiole subcylindric)  separates this genus from all other myrmicines, although currently we lack synapomorphic features for Baracidris. We maintain this genus primarily upon its geographical distribution.

Key to species (workers) edited from Fernández (pers. comm.). Modified from Bolton (1981: 255)

1 Body without standing pilosity and with appressed pubescence; mesosoma dorsally with punctures; HW less than 0.46 mm 2
-- Baracidris pilosaBody with standing pilosity on head, petiole and postpetiole, less on mesosoma, without appressed pubescence; promesonotum dorsally with a large central area smooth and shining, devoid of punctures; HW at least 0.46 mm Kenya, Uganda - pilosa
1 {short description of image}Central anterior clypeal margin produced into a narrow truncated lobe, plus the occipital margin in full face view smoothly rounded; head slightly broader and scapes longer Gabon - sitra
-- {short description of image}Central anterior clypeal margin not produced into a narrow truncated lobe; occipital margin in full face view indented or concave medially; head slightly narrower and antennal scapes relatively longer Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria - meketra
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