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Genus Crematogaster
Crematogaster (Decacrema) convexiclypea Forel - new status

Crematogaster (Decacrema) convexiclypea Forel - new status

return to key {link to the Hymenoptera Name Server} Type location Zaire (Cremastogaster solenopsides Em. r. flavida Mayr v. convexiclypea n. var., Forel (1916: 411, all forms) from Zare, St Gabriel, Kohl, in a myrmecophile plant - see below.

Raised to species here, separated from Cr solenopsides by the long propodeal spines but sharing the long head shape in full face view.

Forel's (1916) description of flavida convexiclypea is at {original description}.

Wheeler (1922) had other records from areas of the Congo Basin. Bequaert (in Wheeler, 1922, p 407) cited convexiclypea as collected by Father Kohl from in myrmecophilous plants.

{Crematogaster convexiclypea} The photomontage of the holotype worker is collated from

{Crematogaster (Decacrema) solenopsides convexiclypea queen}The photomontage of a syntype queen is collated from

{Crematogaster (Decacrema) convexiclypea male}The photomontage of a type male is collated from

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