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Genus Discothyrea Roger


Diagnostic Features - Tergite of second gastral tergite strongly vaulted so that the remaining segments point anteriorly. Alitrunk devoid of sutures. Mandibles edentate and overhung by the projecting clypeus. Apical antennal segment bulbous (Roger, 1863a: 176; type species D. testacea from USA). Roger's (1863a) genus definition is at {original description}.

Bolton (1973a) describes how two species are known and found in West Africa, apparently confined to the forest zone. Both (see below) are cryptobiotic, forming small colonies in dead wood just below ground. Lévieux (1983b), however, found members in the Ivory Coast savannah. Belshaw & Bolton (1994b) reported finding two further, undescribed species from Ghana (see bottom).

Brown's (1958g) gave a consideration of the then knowledge of the African species, this is at {original description}.

Key to workers, based on historical descriptions.

¤ {short description of image}Queen only known; 9-segmented antennae; petiole with a pronounced ventral process (may be conspecific with traegaordhi) South Africa - hewitti
¤ {Discothyrea sp}Queen only known; 11-segmented antennae; head in full face view near rectangular, eyes relatively small; quite slender, gaster parallel-sided South Africa - new species - hlavaci
1 {short description of image}12-segmented antennae (former Pseudosysphincta Arnold, 1916: 161; synonymy by Brown, 1958g: 248); TL 2.1 mm; yellowish rusty-red; fine sculpturation giving dull appearance South Africa - poweri
-- {short description of image}11-segmented antennae .
. Discothyrea mixta West Africa - mixta
-- {short description of image}8-segmented antennae; TL 1.6 mm, AL 0.45 mm; colour yellowish-brown, margins darker Kenya & South Africa - patrizii
-- 9-segmented antennae 2
2 {short description of image}Eyes small (5-6 facets only); TL 1.5 mm; antennal scape expanded apically reaching mid-point of head; testaceous red, but rear of head, thorax and anterior gaster darker red-brown; densely and finely puncturate, matt
Non-type specimen seeming to match original description.
South Africa - traegaordhi
-- Eyes larger with at least 30 facets 3
3 {short description of image}TL 2.5 mm; colour ferruginous red, dense punctate sculpturation, matt; each puncture giving rise to a single short erect hair; covered with white, velvety pubescence West Africa and ? South Africa - oculata
-- {short description of image}Darker and more strongly sculptured than oculata, especially on posterior half of first gastral tergite; the coarser punctures each giving rise to more than one hair Congo Basin - sculptior

Discothyrea new species (1)

Collected in Ghana, a total of 6 workers from leaf litter in the semi-deciduous forest zone - under cocoa at Ofinso, and under primary forest at Bobiri, Atewa Forest Reserve and Bunso - by Belshaw & Bolton (1994b).

Discothyrea new species (2)

Collected in Ghana, 3 workers from leaf litter in the semi-deciduous forest zone - under primary forest at Sui River Forest Reserve - by Belshaw & Bolton (1994b).

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