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Cameroun - modern surveys and collections

Compiled from the following papers:-
Campo Forest canopy - Dejean et al. (2002) - 167 trees and 40 vines directly sampled by hand collecting at the canopy level.
Terminalia ivorensis plantation canopy - Watt, Stork & Bolton (2002) - Mblamayo Forest - 15 individual trees sprayed with pyrethrin insecticide (knock-down sampling) at each of two sites on three separate occasions; trees the 4-5 years old, no indication given as to whether the canopy was interlocking.
Oil Palm - Dejean, Djieto-Lordon & Durand (1997) - 615 palms distributed over 50 ha, in plantations at Mpundu and Mondoni.
Edge Vegetation - Akok, Campo Forest Reserve - Dejean & Gibernau (2000) - plants along the edge of a 500 m stretch of forest road - 369 plants from 48 species and 28 families.
Maize - in suburbs of Yaoundé - Dejean et al. (2000) - 460 maize plants along walls of houses, 167 plants in urban gardens, 106 at periphery of field station plots and 53 plants in the centre of a field.
Mbalmayo Forest leaf litter - Watt, Stork & Bolton (2002) - ten 1 m² samples of leaf litter and top soil from each of seven plots in plantation and forest note in Bolton, 2007).
Campo Forest soil - Bolton, Dejean & Ngnegueu (1992) - sampling of 20 m square quadrats in each of two 50 metre transects, turning over the top 10-15 cm, and examining dead wood. A further three quadrats were sampled set apart from the main transects.
Campo Forest dead wood on the ground - Bolton, Dejean & Ngnegueu (1992) - no sampling numbers given.
Cubitermes subarquatus termitaries - Campo and other forests - Dejean, Bolton & Durand (1997) - 90 termitaries dissected (65 active and 25 abandoned) - termiaries up to 200 cm high against tree trunks.
Procubitermes nests - Ottotomo and other forest - Dejean & Bolton (1995) - termitaries attached to the bark of large trees - Ottotomo and Ndupé forest - 18 parcels of 25 X 25 m in total; with 92 active and 25 abandoned termitaries.
Miscellaneous collections by the McKey ant-plant relations project, with short notes; see Ants collected in Cameroun by Debout & Dalecky, 2001 (updated January 2009).

The ant species and forms are listed in alphabetical order for ease of comparison across the table.

Campo Forest Canopy Terminalia ivorensis plantation plots in the Mbalamayo Forest Reserve Oil Palm Campo Forest edge vegetation Maize Mbalmayo Forest leaf litter Campo Forest soil Campo Forest dead wood on ground Campo & other forest Cubitermes nests Ottotomo & other forest Procubitermes nests McKey team collections (BT determination) facts about the environment
Camponotus brutus Atopomyrmex cryptoceroides Crematogaster gabonensis Atopomyrmex mocquerysi Anoploplepis tenella Acropyga sp 1 Anoploplepis tenella Anochetus africanus Amblyopone mutica ?? Camponotus brutus Atopomyrmex cryptoceroides on fallen trunk
Camponotus sp Atopomyrmex mocquerysi Monomorium sp Camponotus brutus Atopomyrmex mocquerysi Anochetus africanus Cerapachys foreli Anoploplepis tenella Amblyopone sp nr santschii ?? Camponotus sp * Axinidris bidens in caulinary domatia of Leonardoxa africana africana
Cataulacus guineensis Axinidris ghanensis Paratrechina sp Camponotus flavomarginatus Camponotus acvapimensis Calyptomyrmex nummuliticus Decamorium decem Calyptomyrmex barak Calyptomyrmex barak or kaurus ? Cataulacus erinaceus Camponotus barbarossa on standing dead trunk of a tree
Cataulacus lobata Axinidris sp 1 Pheidole megacephala Camponotus sp 1 Camponotus brutus Anochetus bequaerti Dorylus nigricans Camponotus sp Anochetus africanus Cataulacus greggi Camponotus chrysurus on lianas and dead trunks in a treefall gap
Crematogaster depressa Axinidris sp 2 Tetramorium aculeatum Camponotus sp 2 Camponotus chrysurus Anochetus katonae Hypoponera sp Cataulacus guineensis Anochetus new sp Cataulacus guineensis Camponotus maculatus in herbaceous vegetation
Crematogaster sp 1 Axinidris sp 3   Camponotus sp N Camponotus melanocnemis Anochetus traegaordhi Leptogenys bubastis Crematogaster sp Anochetus sp ?? Cerapachys foreli Camponotus maguassa soudano-guinean savannah
Discothyrea mixta Axinidris sp 4   Cataulacus erinaceus Camponotus spp Anoploplepis tenella Leptogenys n. sp. (same) Hypoponera sp Anochetus traegaordhi Cerapachys n sp 1 Camponotus pompeius soudano-guinean savannah
Discothyrea oculata Axinidris sp 5   Cataulacus guineensis Crematogaster castanea Asphinctopone silvestrii Leptogenys sp 2 Leptogenys bubastis Anoploplepis tenella Cerapachys n sp 2 Camponotus sericeus soudano-guinean savannah
Monomorium draxocum Camponotus brutus   Cataulacus pullus Crematogaster clariventris Crematogaster buchneri Oecophylla longinoda Leptogenys n. sp. (same) Centromyrmex bequaerti Cerapachys nitidulus Camponotus vividus in a fallen rotten trunk of a tree, on soil and surface in forest understorey
Oecophylla longinoda Camponotus sp 1   Crematogaster stadelmanni Crematogaster striatula Camponotus brutus Pachycondyla soror Leptogenys sp 2 Camponotus brutus Cerapachys nkomoensis ?sp [1] Cataulacus centrurus on Alchornea sp., in the edge vegetation
Oligomyrmex sp Camponotus sp 2   Crematogaster striatula Monomorium sp Cardiocondyla emeryi Pachycondyla sp soror gp Odontomachus troglodytes Camponotus sp 1 Crematogaster striatula Cataulacus erinaceus on an understorey tree
Pachycondyla sp Camponotus sp 3   Odontomachus troglodytes Myrmicaria opaciventris Cataulacus kohli Pachycondyla talpa Pachycondyla silvestrii Camponotus sp 1 Discothyrea mixta Cataulacus guineensis on many different plants, on soil and surface in forest understorey
Paratrechina sp Camponotus sp 4   Oecophylla longinoda Odontomachus troglodytes Centromyrmex sellaris Pachycondyla tarsata Pachycondyla soror Camponotus sp 2 Discothyrea oculata Cataulacus guineensis variety on Alchornea sp., in the edge vegetation
Pheidole 3 spp middle/lower nest Camponotus sp 5   Pheidole megacephala Paratrechina longicornis Cerapachys foreli Paratrechina 1 Pheidole 15 Camponotus sp 3 Oligomyrmex sp Crematogaster gabonensis on Terminalia catappa, in the village
Pheidole 3 ssp lower nests only Camponotus sp 7   Pheidole sp 7 Paratrechina spp Cerapachys nitidulus Pheidole 15 Pheidole 16 Cataulacus erinaceus Pachycondyla soror Crematogaster impressiceps nest in a tree
Pheidole megacephala Camponotus sp 8   Pheidole sp 8 Pheidole megacephala Cerapachys sp Pheidole 5 Pheidole 5 Cataulacus guineensis Paratrechina sp 2 Crematogaster (Decacrema) petiolidens in caulinary domatia of Leonardoxa africana africana
Platythyrea conradti Cataulacus centrurus   Pheidole sp 9 Pheidole spp Crematogaster clariventris Pheidole 6 Pheidole 6 Cerapachys nkomoensis ?sp [1] Pheidole aurivilli Crematogaster africana on a trunk of Mangifera indica, on an extrafloral nectary-bearing understorey tree
Polyrhachis decemdentata Cataulacus egenus   Polyrhachis laboriosa Tapinoma melanocephalum Crematogaster striatula Pheidole sp Pheidole sp Cerapachys sp [2] Pheidole sp * Crematogaster buchneri -
Polyrhachis militaris Cataulacus guineensis   Tetramorium aculeatum Tapinoma sp Decamorium decem Plectroctena gabonensis Plectroctena gabonensis Cerapachys sp 1 ?? Pheidole sp 1 Crematogaster depressa on soil and surface in forest understorey, at nectaries of Alchorea floribunda
Tetramorium aculeatum Cataulacus kohli   Tetramorium africanum Tetramorium spp Discothyrea mixta Pyramica lujae Polyrhachis militaris Cerapachys sp 2 ?? Pheidole sp 14 Crematogaster concava on an extrafloral nectary-bearing plant (Macaranga or Bridelia sp.)
Tetramorium camerunense Cataulacus lujae   Tetraponera aethiops   Dorylus sp 1 Tapinoma sp soil B Polyrhachis sp Crematogaster striatula Pheidole sp 15 Crematogaster gerstaeckeri soudano-guinean savannah
Tetraponera anthracina Cataulacus mocquerysi   Tetraponera anthracina   Hypoponera sp 1 Tapinoma sp soil Y Psalidomyrmex procerus Decamorium decem Pheidole sp 16 Crematogaster margaritae on a domatia-bearing and lianescent Rubiaceae
Tetraponera sp Cataulacus pilosus       Hypoponera sp 2 Tetramorium coloreum   Discothyrea mixta Pheidole sp 2 Crematogaster pulchella -
  Cataulacus pullus       Hypoponera sp 3 Tetramorium sp nr osiris   Discothyrea oculata Pheidole sp 5 Crematogaster stigmata on Barteria nigritiana
  Cataulacus sp 4       Hypoponera sp 4     Centromyrmex sellaris Pheidole sp 6 Crematogaster striatula on cocoa tree, on soil and surface in forest understorey
  Cataulacus sp 6       Hypoponera sp 5     Cerapachys foreli Pheidole sp 7 Dorylus daleckyi in herbaceous vegetation about 20 cm tall, Catholic Mission garden
  Cataulacus sp 7       Leptogenys bubastis     Cerapachys nitidulus Pheidole sp 8 Dorylus kohli on trail, near secondary growth fields
  Cataulacus tardus       Leptogenys n. sp.     Dorylus sp 2 Pheidole sp megacephala gp Dorylus nigricans on soil and surface in forest understorey
  Cataulacus taylori       Monomorium bicolor     Dorylus sp 4 Platythyrea modesta Monomorium afrum soudano-guinean savannah
  Cataulacus vorticus       Monomorium cryptobium     Hypoponera sp 1 Polyrhachis militaris Monomorium bicolor in herbaceous vegetation about 20 cm tall (domestic garden), soudano-guinean savannah
  Crematogaster africana       Monomorium exiguum     Pachycondyla brunoi Tetramorium camerunense Monomorium dolatu in caulinary domatia of Leonardoxa africana africana
  Crematogaster buchneri       Monomorium floricola     Pachycondyla caffraria Tetramorium coloreum Monomorium draxocum in a dead domatia of Leonardoxa africana africana
  Crematogaster clariventris    
Monomorium invidium     Pachycondyla fugax ?? Tetramorium lucayanum Monomorium malamixtum nest on a terrestrial termite-nest
  Crematogaster depressa       Monomorium spectrum     Pachycondyla silvestrii ?? Tetramorium occidentale Monomorium pharaonis on soil and surface (bread and black chocolate bait)
  Crematogaster gabonensis       Odontomachus assiniensis     Pachycondyla soror   . .
  Crematogaster sp 1       Odontomachus troglodytes     Hypoponera sp 2   Myrmicaria baumi on soil and surface in the village and in forest understorey
  Crematogaster sp 10       Oligomyrmex sp 1     Leptogenys bubastis   Myrmicaria exigua at extrafloral nectaries of a shrub in a treefall gap
  Crematogaster sp 11       Oligomyrmex sp 2     Leptogenys sp 1 nr amon   Myrmicaria natalensis eumenoides terricolous ants
  Crematogaster sp 12       Oligomyrmex sp 3     Leptogenys sp 2   Myrmicaria  congolensis on soil and surface, in the village
  Crematogaster sp 13       Oligomyrmex sp 4     Leptogenys sp 3   Myrmicaria congolensis crucheti nest in dead leaves, attached on a living branch lying on the ground, on soil and surface in forest understorey
  Crematogaster sp 15       Oligomyrmex sp 5     Monomorium invidium   Odontomachus troglodytes in the litter, on sandy banks of a river, in the forest
  Crematogaster sp 2       Oligomyrmex sp 6     Odonotomachus troglodytes   Oecophylla longinoda on various plants
  Crematogaster sp 3       Oligomyrmex sp 7     Oligomyrmex sp 1   Oecophylla rubriceps on cocoa tree
  Crematogaster sp 5       Oligomyrmex sp 8     Oligomyrmex sp 2   Oecophylla fusca on flowers of L. a. africana
  Crematogaster sp 6       Pachycondyla ambigua     Oligomyrmex sp 4   Pachycondyla decolor on soil and surface in the village
  Crematogaster sp 7       Pachycondyla brunoi     Oligomyrmex sp 5   Pachycondyla analis soudano-guinean savannah
  Crematogaster sp 8       Pachycondyla caffraria     Oligomyrmex sp 6   Pachycondyla ruginota on soil and surface, in the village
  Crematogaster sp 9       Pachycondyla fugax     Oligomyrmex sp 7   Pachycondyla soror on soil and surface (sardine oil bait)
  Crematogaster stadelmanni       Pachycondyla pachyderma     Pachycondyla sp soror gp   Pachycondyla tarsata on soil and surface (sardine oil bait)
  Crematogaster striatula       Pachycondyla soror     Pachycondyla talpa   Paratrechina longicornis in herbaceous vegetation about 20 cm tall, Catholic Mission garden
  Crematogaster wellmani       Pachycondyla tarsata     Pachycondyla tarsata   Pheidole ingenita soudano-guinean savannah
  Lepisiota sp 1       Paedalgus rarus     Paratechina sp 1   Pheidole sp. Cameroon 115b -
  Lepisiota sp 2       Paratrechina sp 1     Paratrechina sp 2   Pheidole 58a (species T2) on soil and surface (sardine oil bait)
  Melissotarsus weissi       Paratrechina sp 3     Paratrechina sp 3   Pheidole nkomoana on soil and on vegetation at several sites
  Monomorium egens       Paratrechina sp 4     Pheidole sp   Pheidole minima in pouch-like stipules of a Rubiaceae
  Monomorium exiguum       Paratrechina sp 5     Pheidole sp *   Pheidole pulchella on soil and surface in forest understorey
  Monomorium pharaonis       Pheidole sp 1     Pheidole sp 15   Pheidole sculpturata soudano-guinean savannah
  Monomorium strangulatum       Pheidole sp 5     Pheidole sp 15   Pheidole nkomoana -
  Myrmicaria exigua       Pheidole sp 6     Pheidole sp 16   Pheidole nigeriensis on soil and surface (sardine oil bait)
  Oecophylla longinoda       Pheidole sp 7     Pheidole sp 17 ??   Pheidole pusilla nest on a big tree, under bark comprised of large scaly plates
  Paratrechina longicornis       Pheidole sp 8
  Pheidole sp 6   Pheidole impressifrons on soil and surface in the village, nest in a dead hollow branch (ext diam: 6 cm; int diam: 2 cm)
  Paratrechina sp 1       Pheidole sp 9     Pheidole sp 2   Pheidole speculifera nest on the ground
  Paratrechina sp 2       Phrynoponera bequaerti     Pheidole sp 5   Polyrhachis militaris on lianas and dead trunks in a treefall gap
  Phasmomyrmex buchneri       Phrynoponera gabonensis     Pheidole sp 7   Pyramica (Serrastruma) mckeyi
on Leonardoxa african africana
  Phasmomyrmex wolfi       Polyrhachis rufipalpis     Phrynoponera gabonensis   Solenopsis geminata on soil and surface in the village, in herbaceous vegetation about 20 cm tall, catholic mission garden
  Pheidole sp 1       Prionopelta amieti     Platythyrea modesta   Tapinoma melanocephalum in caulinary domatia of Leonardoxa africana africana, on sandy soil and surface, near the beach
  Pheidole sp 3       Pristomyrmex africanus     Plectroctena gabonensis   Tapinoma sp Cameroon 60 in caulinary domatia of Leonardoxa africana africana
  Pheidole sp 4       Pristomyrmex orbiceps     Plectroctena minor   Tapinoma arnoldi in caulinary domatia of Leonardoxa africana africana
  Plagiolepis sp 1       Probolomyrmex guineensis     Polyrhachis militaris   Tapinoma lugubre on soil and surface in the village
  Plagiolepis sp 2       Pyramica africana     Pristomyrmex orbiceps   Technomyrmex laurenti in pouch-like stipules of Diospyros conocarpa
  Platythyrea conradti       Pyramica arahana     Probolomyrmex guineensis   Technomyrmex kohli in leaf-pouch domatia of Delpydora sp.
  Polyrhachis alexisi       Pyramica cavinasis     Psalidomyrmex procerus   Tetramorium peutli in caulinary domatia of Leonardoxa africana africana
  Polyrhachis decemdentata       Pyramica concolor     Pyramica ludovici   Tetramorium sericeiventre soudano-guinean savannah
  Polyrhachis fissa       Pyramica depilosa Bolton - ??     Pyramica lujae   Tetramorium simillimum in herbaceous vegetation about 20 cm tall, catholic mission garden
  Polyrhachis laboriosa       Pyramica dotaja     Tapinoma sp   Tetraponera aethiops in domatia of Barteria fistulosa
  Polyrhachis lestoni       Pyramica enkara     Technomyrmex sp 2   Tetraponera unidens on Leonardoxa africana africana
  Polyrhachis militaris       Pyramica ludovici     Technomyrmex sp 3   Tetraponera ophthalmica on Leonardoxa africana africana
  Polyrhachis n. sp. nr. braxa       Pyramica lujae     Technomyrmex sp 4  

  Polyrhachis n. sp. nr. lanuginosa       Pyramica malaplax     Tetramorium bicolor  

  Polyrhachis otleti       Pyramica ravidura     Tetramorium camerunense  

  Pyramica maynei       Pyramica roomi     Tetramorium coloreum  

  Pyramica serrula       Pyramica serrula     Tetramorium geminatum  

  Strumigenys sp. Queen       Pyramica sistrura     Tetramorium guineense  

  Tapinoma melanocephalum       Pyramica tetragnatha     Tetramorium peutli  

  Tapinoma sp 2       Sphinctomymex rufiventris     Tetramorium muscorum  

  Tapinoma sp 3       Strumigenys bernardi     Tetramorium occidentale  

  Technomyrmex sp 1       Strumigenys ettillax     Tetramorium sp nr osiris  

  Technomyrmex lujae (sp 2)       Strumigenys petiolata        

  Technomyrmex sp 6       Strumigenys rogeri        

  Tetramorium aculeatum       Strumigenys tetraphanes        

  Tetramorium dumezi       Technomyrmex sp 1        

  Tetramorium gegaimi       Technomyrmex sp 2        

  Tetramorium n. sp. nr. dumezi       Technomyrmex sp 3        

  Tetramorium n. sp. nr. pysmanum       Technomyrmex sp 4        

  Tetramorium quadridentatum       Technomyrmex sp 5        

  Tetraponera mocquerysi       Tetramorium antrema        

  Tetraponera ophthalmica       Tetramorium camerunense        

          Tetramorium capillosum        

          Tetramorium coloreum        

          Tetramorium furtivum        

          Tetramorium gabonense        

          Tetramorium geminatum        

          Tetramorium muralti        

          Tetramorium muscorum        

          Tetramorium n sp        

          Tetramorium pinnipilum        

          Tetramorium quadridentatum        

          Tetramorium rhetidum        

          Tetramorium weitzeckeri        

          Tetramorium zambezium        

          Tetramorium zapyrum        

See also mosaic11a.htm for the work of Dejean and colleagues
and, mosaic11b.htm for the work of Watts et al
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